How to Make Bread at Home

“She bakes her own bread!” This admiring description of a Real Homemaker used to be uttered in awestruck tones. Professional bread bakers have profited for a long time from the idea that bread baking is a special skill.

How hard is baking bread?

Actually, the main qualification for baking your own bread is owning an oven. Experience teaches bread bakers how long to knead bread to the consistency they want. Wheat has not always been easy to get, and people used to have to cultivate their own yeast…but if you have flour, water, leavening, and an oven, you can bake some form of bread at home. Oil, salt, sugar, and the appropriate kind of pan help bread bakers produce particular types of bread.

“Bread machines” make it easy. These electronically enhanced mini-ovens can be programmed to mix and knead bread in the pan, wait for it to rise, and bake it while you do other things. “Bread makers” usually come with brand-specific instructions and recipes. These machines usually produce the kind of bread that’s familiar to North Americans, a light-textured loaf that can be sliced, toasted, and made into sandwiches. Most of them can also be used to do part of the work of making other kinds of bread. Online bread machine reviews can help shoppers choose a machine.

Why bake bread at home?

With so many different breads and baked goods available in supermarkets, why do people bake their own bread? Many bread bakers enjoy the baking process. While some people avoid yeast bread because they don’t like sinking their hands into the sticky dough, others enjoy the sensation of kneading dough to just the right consistency.

Everyone seems to enjoy the aroma of baking or freshly baked bread. Realtors recommend baking bread when showing a house. Offering a loaf of bread is a traditional symbol of neighborly good will, welcome, or sympathy. Sweet bread, cakes, and pastries traditionally celebrate special occasions. Baking cookies is a traditional way to spend quality time with children.

And, of course, home-baked bread can contain more “natural” nutrition and be custom-made to suit individuals’ nutrition needs…high or low protein, high or low fiber, low fat, low carbs, vegan, sugar-free, dairy-free, low sodium, gluten-free…

Gluten: good and bad

This raises the question of gluten. Many traditional kinds of bread depend on the cohesive property of wheat gluten. Gluten is the protein that holds the wheat bread together, allowing it to be cut into neat uniform slices that fit into a toaster, wrapped around fillings, or quick-cooked in such a way that it forms pockets. Gluten is also impossible for some people to digest.

On the other hand, for the majority of people who do digest gluten, it’s a good source of vegan protein. For gluten-tolerant vegans, wheat bread made with yeast is a real “staff of life.” Some vegans use high-gluten flour for its nutritional value.

Gluten-free bread is not difficult to make, although it’s not always a satisfactory substitute for wheat bread. Yeast works with wheat gluten in different ways than it works with corn, rice, potato, or tapioca flour. Typically gluten-free bread don’t rise as high or slice as neatly as wheat bread. Some creative cooks enjoy the challenge of baking gluten-free bread even if they can also eat wheat bread.

Some electronic bread makers are designed to be used for gluten-free bread. One “Virtuoso Breadmaker” machine that receives good reviews on Amazon comes with ten recipes for gluten-free bread and is also said to work well with a gluten-free bread mix sold in supermarkets.

Some gluten-free recipes use nut and bean “flours,” which are high in protein. Some use whole or coarsely ground grains, seeds, and nuts. It can be crucial to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when adding these enhancements to bread dough in a machine. Crunchy ingredients must be added in the right proportion and on the right setting to allow the machine to process them.

Baking bread is a creative craft

Some “artisan” bakers prefer to bake bread in the old-fashioned ways. Without “rapid rise” yeast and bread machines, it takes three to twelve hours to produce a loaf of bread “from scratch.” (Sourdough and some other types of bread were traditionally left to rise overnight.) Even with a bread machine, it typically takes two hours to produce a loaf of bread. Those who enjoy kneading bread dough by hand, however, usually say that they can find other things to do at home while the bread is rising.

Libraries and bookstores have racks of books of bread recipes. Hundreds of bread recipes are also available on the Internet. It’s possible for beginners searching for bread recipes online to suffer from information overload…especially when a search for “basic bread recipes” brings up so many pricey “gourmet” recipes that begin with ingredients that aren’t even available at your supermarket.

A basic bread recipe is not expensive

If you’re using a “Breadmaker” machine, you will need to follow the manufacturer’s directions. (The bread maker reviews at Amazon and similar sites, wherever other users discuss the same model of machine you are using, can be a valuable guide for troubleshooting. Bookmark them, or even print them out, when choosing recipes, shopping, and cooking.)

The basic formula for American-style loaf bread made by hand is two to three cups of flour, a cup of water, one packet of dry yeast, one or two tablespoons of sweetening, and up to one teaspoon of salt, for a one-pound loaf.

The traditional method begins with “proofing” or “proving the yeast.” Warm the water to 105 degrees Fahrenheit (until it feels warm, not hot, against your wrist). Sprinkle in the yeast. Active dry yeast should begin to foam in five minutes or less. When it foams, “set the sponge” by stirring in sweetening, salt, and most of the flour until the mixture is smooth.

Next, knead the dough. It’s possible to put the dough into a plastic bag and knead it there, if you really want to keep your hands out of the dough. Otherwise, use part of the flour to coat the dough, your hands, and the counter, and knead it in. The more air you mash and squeeze into the dough, the more cohesive and less sticky it becomes. Resist the temptation to work in too much flour to reduce stickiness faster. Although most recipes give a range of measurements of flour, flour and yeast need to be in reasonable proportion to make a nice light bread.

When the dough reaches the right consistency, clean the mixing bowl, film it with oil, and set the dough back in the bowl to rise. In a warm room, yeast dough will normally double its volume in about an hour, sometimes a little longer. Covering the dough with a light, dry kitchen towel is usually recommended to keep off dust, but yeast breathes air.

When the dough reaches the right volume, punch it down, knead out most of the air bubbles, and shape it to fit into a well-oiled loaf pan. Cover it with the towel again and let it rise. The dough does not have to double in volume, this time, but should expand by at least half. (The scientific rule here is that longer rising equals more fermentation and more sour flavor.) Preheat the oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit.

Before the final stage, baking the loaf, some bakers like to coat the top of the dough with butter. Bake for 30-40 minutes. When bread is done, it will sound hollow when tapped. Turn it out of the pan and tap the bottom. If the outside is firm and the loaf sounds hollow, butter the crust if you like, and let the loaf cool.

Baking bread pays off

There are thousands of ways to make bread. Whether you buy a best bread machine, or grind your own whole grains before baking, baking bread at home is a creative hobby that helps people connect and bond with others. You can meet your own special dietary needs and those of other people as well. If you’re willing to work hard and start small, you might even expand baking into a business.

But let’s admit it…baking bread at home is fun. Head over to MakingTheBread to have a look at a few bread machine reviews and options if you are looking at buying a bread machine.

Special Recipe for Special Customers

breadHomemade bread is really uncommon among restaurants, but some of them really respect their clients so much, that they want to keep them happy and satisfied. Offering good meals accompanied with good bread is not a marketing technique, but it represents the level of proficiency and respect that the manager of the restaurant has for the guests.

Apart from this, a good menu is also the result of the chef in charge with the kitchen, as the manager can do so much about this. The chef is the one who chooses the meals of the day, who sets up the menu and who sets the recipes, all in accordance with the manager.

img-stage-bread-1-940x350However, if you don’t have a chef that knows his or her business, then it’s all for nothing. We have managed to hire one of the best chefs around, and the results were visible instantly. People simply loved our meals, as the cooking is wonderful and the bread that is served is simply amazing.

Due to a special recipe, our customers enjoy more homemade bread than usual, and even those who are on a diet were impressed by its taste and consistency. Because of this, we wanted to offer our customers a special something to remember us, especially if they are visiting from out of town – a special recipe for our homemade bread, that it’s easy to make and wonderful to eat.


bread_pictureThis is very easy, as first of all, our chef uses plenty of love for cooking. Once you have this, you will need some flour – about half of kilo, one egg, some salt, some sugar, a cup water, a little yeast, and a little oil. All the ingredients should be natural, without other substances. Everything can be found in a super-market or you surely have then around your house, as you use them for preparing or cooking other meals or dishes.

The Procedure

If you have a break cooking machine, it’s easy as all you have to do is add the ingredients in there and program it. It will take around 3 or 4 hours until it is finished, but it’s the easiest way to have homemade bread.

masada_home_breadIf you use the oven, don’t worry, but you will have to do some manual labor. Mix the yeast with the sugar with the help of a fork, and add the water little by little. Once it has the consistency of a paste, add it to the flour. Mix it carefully and add the rest of the ingredients. Start with the egg, the rest of the water, the salt, and the oil in the end. The composition should stick to your fingers and there should be left no more flour.  Let the composition for at least an hour to grow, in a warm place in your kitchen, but not too warm.


If you use the cooking machine, there is little that you can do, as the machine will do the cooking and the bread will be something close to square.

If you choose do to it manually, you can arrange it in any shape that you want. Place it in a square form simply or divide it in three parts and braid it, as you would do your hair. Your imagination is the limit. Simply put it into the oven for about 40 or 50 minutes. Once it’s ready, you and your family can enjoy delicious homemade bread.

Source – MakingTheBread

Pick Out the Best Place for Dinner

It’s true that this is not a top priority when people think about that place where they would like to have dinner one evening. However, you shouldn’t just enter the first restaurant that you see, as that’s not a smart choice. First of all, you don’t know exactly what you’ll find there, if you haven’t made a thorough search before. Secondly, you might get some unpleasant surprises, especially in those moments that you really don’t need any.

bg-restaurantsOur specialists have gathered some advice on how to choose a good restaurant, based on a few common sense remarks about the attributes that a restaurant should have.


Yes, it’s true – the restaurant should be clean. This can be seen from the first moment that you enter it. You will be able to get a good look from the first moment, and you will be able to notice if the waiters have clean clothes, if the tablecloths are washed and clean, if the place smells nice or if there is an atmosphere that doesn’t appeal to you. There shouldn’t be any stained eating utensils or full ashtrays. If you see any of the above, simply leave the place.


This is another way to assess the restaurant – by the number of customers that it has. However, the customers are also a way to assess the quality of the restaurant – the better looking and better dressed they are, the better is the restaurant. If the restaurant lacks its customers, then there sure is a problem with it, especially if you are talking about a dinner.

Check Out Online

Hospitality_and_RestaurantThis is very easy, as you will find most of the fancy restaurants online. Their site should be updated and with the possibility to reserve a table directly online or via phone. If they are asking for a fee for reserving the table, start looking somewhere else, as they are not reliable. Check the photos and the reviews, and also check the location.

Check Out the Location

If you want to take your date to a restaurant, of if you have a business meeting, it’s better if you check out the place for yourself. This way, you will be able to assess better the services and the menu. Look around and see if there is any ambient music or any other kind of entertainment. Check the menu and see what they offer at the drinks section – the wines should be decent.


Restaurant-Logo-1-1024x1024The fancy the restaurant, the fancier is the food. This is true for all the restaurants, and check out exactly what they are offering. Some of them will be able to provide you with some specialty of the house, so check out that too. If the chef working for the restaurant is good, you and your guests or spouse will surely be amazed by what you get.


In the end, it’s all about what you want. If you believe that with one restaurant or another you and your date will have a good time, then choose the one that you want. Keep in mind that a restaurant is the place where you mainly eat, but as things happen today, it’s also a place where you can relax with a coffee or listening to live music, like jazz or old music.